1st Ascent Studios was created out of a drive to help small businesses
on their first ascent into the digital clouds.

established in 2021​

Watchtower Marketing was born in Jasper in 2021. 31 years earlier founder Logan Ireland began his journey in the same town. In 2022, long time friend and Engineering classmate Lester Evangelista came on board and 1st Ascent was born.

gray and brown mountain

on route since 1989

One the one hand, there is a need for local businesses in Jasper to learn how to optimize their search engine presence. The trend towards growing organic SEO, advertising on search engines like Google, and driving targeted, relevant traffic to websites is gaining steam every day. The biggest companies around the globe are constantly striving to out-maneuver and out-rank each other. The smallest local businesses are thriving where smart local SEO and SEA strategies are implemented effectively. There is need for businesses in Jasper to tap into this marketing avenue, and the sooner the better.

On the other hand, there is a need for a human to have a positive impact on their community. Helping the local businesses which once helped raise him up is Logan’s way of fulfilling that need. He draws on his experience as a Professional Engineer when timelines and budgets are at stake. He looks at your business through the eyes of an entrepreneur, having founded and operated a Tour Company in Vancouver. He successfully connects targeted, converting customers with companies and their services through organic SEO, Paid Google Search Engine Advertising, and satisfying, user friendly, technically-sound website design.

Your success is what drives 1st Ascent Studios.
Like Hilary and Tenzing, we reach the peak together. Let’s get climbing.

About Logan

Thanks for visiting.

Hey! I’m Logan. Born and raised in Jasper, Alberta, I am thrilled to find myself living here in the Rocky Mountains once again.

Growing up in Jasper is a real privilege and one that I value more each day. Wherever I have travelled, from Burnaby to Budapest, I have carried a sense of pride in my hometown with me. People in cities across the globe are consistently impressed and intrigued to meet someone who “actually grew up in Jasper”. It is an honour to hail from a town with such a reputation. It has given me a quiet confidence in life that is invaluable. I am motivated to continue earning that pride and to give back to the community which instilled it.

Please say hello anytime.

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