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1st Ascent Studios is a digital marketing and consulting agency established in Jasper in 2021. We are mountain born and community focused. Our services include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising, Google Ads, Google Audits, User Experience (UX), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Web Design.

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Google Search Engine Ads.
Connect your services with customers now.


Google Search Engine Ads.
Connect your services with customers now.


New website design, redesign, and upkeep. UX / UI enhancement.


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1st Ascent Studio’s SEO Quote Corner
SEO Quote #1
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1st Ascent Studio’s SEO Quote Breakdown: SEO Quote #1

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall

Google’s goal is to facilitate a connection between customers and services. They want to give the customer exactly what they are searching for. When Google sees customers arriving at your website and sticking around to buy merchandise, book a free consultation call, or make a reservation, Google gains confidence and trust in your website. They see that customers are finding what they’re looking for when arriving at your website. Google will then send more people who search for similar topics to your website. On the flip side, when Google sees customers landing on your webpage and immediately leaving (bouncing), Google loses confidence in your website.

This theory leads our Search Engine Optimization work at Watchtower Marketing down many different paths. Can you think of some of the impacts of this quote? Here is one situation to consider.


Hotel XYZ in Jasper works hard to ensure that their website comes up at the top of the search results page (SERP) for the Search Term “Marmot Basin“. They understand that thousands of people are searching “Marmot Basin” every week, and many of those people will need a hotel. As such, Hotel XYZ expects that this marketing tactic will lead to many bookings at their hotel. How do you think this tactic will play out for Hotel XYZ?


Hotel XYZ will quickly find that this strategy will do more harm than good. However, we commend Hotel XYZ on attempting a new digital marketing strategy. As Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve succeeded in finding another way that won’t work.”


The reason why this search engine optimization strategy will fail is simple, and summed up in our quote: people need to find exactly what they’re looking for. Someone searching “Marmot Basin” is looking for lift tickets, snowboard rentals, ski conditions, on-hill restaurants, maps, parking information, etc, etc. Only a small percentage of those people need a hotel, and preciscely 0% of them are looking for accomodation at that exact moment. Thus, Hotel XYZ’s bounce rate will sky rocket, and their conversions from that search term will plummet along with Google’s confidence in them and their search engine ranking.


A better search term for Hotel XYZ to target could simply be “Jasper Hotels”. This is targeted and direct, and would result in a higher number of conversions. People would then love Hotel XYZs website. Once that happened, Google would also love Hotel XYZ.

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